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World War 2Themed Games And Props For Your Event

We have a range of World War 2 themed games units for hire  ideal for  WW2 and 1940’s themed events and parties.  Based on traditional funfair games such as hoopla or coconut shie, our games stalls are not only supplied fully dressed with props and graphics, but the games themselves are themed, our shooting gallery has you shooting Nazi soldiers, coconut shie is now knock Hitler down with a rubber grenade

Current World War 2 Games List For Hire

We have a number of modified and themed games that fit in perfectly with World War 2 events. We are working on new games all of the time, so ask for an up to date list.

one of our small World War 2 themed shooting galleries
one of the targets from our shoot the Nazi shooting gallery
some of the smaller props we supply as standard with each of our stalls

Based On

All of our games units are supplied with a number of props ranging from guns and grenades, through flags to minor details such as ration books and reproduction newspapers.

All of our staff members wear military uniform to fit in with the event, and we can supply digital sound effects units to add audio ambiance to the room, or individual stalls.

The stalls are finished off with full colour banners depicting scenes, equipment and military leaders from all sides of the conflict.

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